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XESS Advertising is one of the leading advertising companies in Dubai providing full-service design, printing, fabrication, and installation. With 10 years market knowledge in UAE and high skilled staff, XESS offers every client the best in Digital Printing, Branding, Vehicle Graphics, Vehicle Branding, vehicle wrapping Signboards, Backdrop, Stage, Exhibition stands, Display Stand, Pop up stands and any type of corporate communication materials.
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PVC Interior Film Catalogue

Commercial Interior

Just like the saying: "A small difference makes the masterpiece," Our Interior films create more sophisticated and high-quality spaces for various commercial spaces, which are not only visually beautiful but also have various textures that can be felt through your fingertips.

Residential Interior

New things always bring a thrill to daily routines. It is the same with interior spaces. It is more fun to find new things from familiarity rather than having the same interior design all the time. Prepare a new change for the plain space with a Natural Surface that satisfies your taste and includes the charm of new material.

Vehicle Wrapping in Dubai
Common / Solid Emboss / Gloss

Harmony within different, exciting tastes, Express your emotions with a deeper and richer Solid that has all the colors from comfortable and warm pastel colors to the latest trendy colors.

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Vehicle Wrapping in Dubai

Make another level of atmosphere that you have never experienced before with the mysterious charm of metal. The metal will create cutting-edge and future oriented atmosphere with its dazzling magnetism.

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Vehicle Wrapping in Dubai

If you have ever thought of a question, "Can I create a space that becomes more beautiful as time passes by?", wood is the answer to that question. Thus, Wood reinterpreted and variously designed the wood which is the most familiar...

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Vehicle Wrapping in Dubai
Design Wood

Don't follow a pattern; break it up and place random color strips by eye. Design Wood provides an original, unique style by mixing and matching the wood's unique texture, patterns, and diiferent materials.

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Vehicle Wrapping in Dubai
Marble Texture / Concrete Texure

texture and color of various materials found in nature into modernized details provides natural yet chic atmosphere. give sophisticated change to subtle space.

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