Vehicle branding in dubai

Vehicle branding in dubai

Vehicle Branding - Know How

Step 1 – Designing

The first step in the Vehicle Branding in dubai Process is to work out a design for the client, whether you have an outsourced design company, or you have done the design yourself or you want us at Xess we do the design with our designers. Designing your car is always the longest step within the process because we need to make sure that the design is spot on so that you know your money is worth the walk. It is recommended that your designer knows exactly what you want in terms of vehicle branding, because once it is printed that is what is going to get applied.Lets dig in to vehicle branding in dubai deeper


Step 2 – Printing

The second step is the Printing Phase. After all the design has been approved from our clients we get started with the print process, this step is very important because it is going to determine the life expectancy of your vehicle wrap depending if you want it for a short term campaign, or a long life wrap. Our print process can take anywhere from 1 hour to 62 hours depending on what you are printing. If you are printing vinyl cut letters from our pigmented vinyl all we need to do is send the design to get cut. But if you are sending in a full vehicle wrap that is going to be digitally printed, we need the design to be printed, cure for 24 hours, get laminated ( matte or gloss ) and then let that dry for another 24 hours and once that is done we need the car to be brought in for application.

Step 3 – Application

The third step is application, application is when we get all the hard work onto the car. Getting the design on to the car is a very long and precious process as we only get one chance, that is why amazing applicators are needed. Sign Solutions has a lot of trust in our team to make sure you get the best quality wrap possible. If you skip short on this phase you are likely going to get lifting on your vehicle and a lot more problems popping up. Whether it is a full wrap, partial wrap or just vinyl cut stickers. Make sure that you go for quality not you can a picture of a sample vehicle branding in xess dubai.

Car Branding in Dubai

XESS ADVERTISING Dubai, we will help your company take advantage of the great opportunities available in vehicle branding and mobile advertising in order to successfully promote your products and services to thousands of potential customers, Every day, Everywhere.

When you partner with us, your brand will be visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Advertise with us and turn every car, bus, van, truck and train into a moving billboard for your brand. Our greatest pride is that we are able to produce all our work in-house in our facility warehouse and using the latest high-quality printing technologies.We give you the best experience when it comes to vehicle branding in dubai

The graphic design team at Xess will produce eye-catching logos, branding, stickers, digitally produced car graphic design and wraps that will transform any vehicle into a mobile advertising opportunity for your company to grow and reach more customers.

XESS advertising offers superior quality branding services for a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, sedans, vans, buses, and trucks at a minimize cost. Whatever type of car you’re using, and no matter the branding requirement you have, XESS is all round advertising company that can deliver results that meet – and even go beyond – your expectations and needs

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