Digital Printing & Vehicle Branding

Car or vehicle branding is one of the cost-effective marketing and advertising method that is used by many businesses today.Allowing you to raise awareness and create exposure.
Digital Printing & Vehicle Branding

Vehicles are mobile, getting access to a larger number of audiences across different locations it made easy. Plus, vehicle branding is not restricted or outdated by time – people will always see your business.

Branding your vehicle maximizes the investment you’ve made in acquiring your car. Over time, the car’s value depreciates, but you can further benefit from it by utilizing it to promote your business. Whether it’s a vehicle graphics or a half or full vehicle branding, transforming your car into a mobile advertisement platform helps reinforce your brand and boost your exposure.

XESS advertising offers superior quality branding services for a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, sedans, buses, and trucks at a minimize cost. Whatever type of car you’re using, and no matter the branding requirement you have, XESS is all round advertising company that can deliver results that meet – and even go beyond – your expectations and needs


Vehicle graphics,Vehicle semi wrapping, vehicle wrapping and vehicle branding in Dubai is not only a popular marketing tool but it is a very effective and unique form of outdoor moving media which is extremely cost effective way of promoting your branding while on the go. XESS is one of the leading company for Vehicle Branding and and offers 100% for clients in need of Vehicle Branding in Dubai and Abu-dhabi.

XESS Advertising has been known for  past 7 years as the #1  Vehicle branding and Digital Printing Service in Dubai.



Vehicle Branding in Dubai - Xess


XESS Advertising is a leading indoor and outdoor branding company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE. We strive to create exceptional marketing products and services for our clients that will ensure success for their businesses, their brands & products. With the most imaginative and innovative marketing and advertising ideas we strive to put our clients on the map in all our projects, weather big or small!

we can deliver services on time with high quality products.

Our services include;


  • Wall Branding
  • LED Wall
  • Sound and Lights
  • Vehicle Branding
  • Mall & Showroom Branding
  • Directional Signage
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Entrance Arch
  • Photo walls
  • Stage and Backdrop
  • Event production
  • Display stands printing
  • Flag printing
  • Frosted Sticker

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Resolution should be set to 300 dpi. Pictures and graphics pulled from the internet are often low resolution, typically 72 dpi or 96 dpi. Avoid these graphics, as they will appear pixilated and blocky when printed.

In printing terms, a proof is a one-off copy of your document after all modifications and printing setup processes have been completed. It is your last and best opportunity to make sure the print job comes out the way you want

Simple jobs are often completed the same day. Some jobs, however, may take up to 3 to 4 days to complete depending on their complexity and size.

CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – the inks our Indigo digital presses mix together to make colours on your printed job.

RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue – the colours of light a computer screen mixes together to make colours on your screen.

Professional Quality Printing at Incredibly Low Prices

XESS Advertising , we offer high-quality, low-cost full color, one color and two color printing to our clients. We know the process and materials that best fits your job as far as price, quality, quantity and turn-around time. So whether you need 250 pieces or 25,000 pieces, whether you need your project in two days or in two weeks, we are dedicated to fulfilling your printing needs.We have the best materials for your vehicle graphics / vehicle Branding / And vehicle wrapping.Selecting material for different vehicle be sometime little tricky,and you need to consider the environment as well.Our professional team will take care of that,and ready to explain the process.


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